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Student: Check-out/Health/Possessions

Student Check out

If parents or guardians need to pick up students before the school day is over, they must stop by the office first. A picture ID is required to pick up a child early. PLEASE NOTE THAT STUDENTS WILL NOT BE CALLED FROM CLASS DURING THE LAST 30 MINUTES OF THE SCHOOL DAY (after 1:30 pm) AS THIS CREATES DISRUPTIONS TO THE LEARNING PROCESS. Also, the individual picking up the student must be listed on the enrollment card.
The student will be called to the office after ID is verified. Students must be signed out. We will not make any exceptions to ID verification for safety reasons. Please assist us in keeping our children safe.

Student health.jpg


Should a student be involved in a serious accident, the school will make every effort to contact a parent immediately. It is critical that the health room has current emergency contact information. Office personnel will call 911 in a situation deemed appropriate by the health office or principal. Please stress the importance of reporting all school related injuries to the health room.


To provide a healthy environment for all students, the health room staff treats all students who are ill by:

  1. Taking their temperature
  2. Checking symptoms
  3. Administering appropriate care

If warranted, the health office will contact the parent to pick up the student.

Any student who has experienced a fever, persistent cough, vomiting and/or diarrhea within 24 hours of the school day needs to be carefully evaluated before coming to school. If your student is not fully recuperated from an injury or illness, please keep your student at home.



All students entering an APS school for the first time must present a certificate showing up-to-date immunization. It is against New Mexico State Law for a student to attend class without current immunizations.


APS policy regarding medication states that no one on the school staff, except the nurse, may administer medication to students. In the absence of the nurse, the Health Assistant or other qualified staff member supervises the self-administration of medication by the student. Forms signed by the student’s doctor are required for a student to receive any prescription medication, as well as, any over-the-counter medication taken for more than five school days. Students are allowed to have over the- counter medication available in the health room on an as needed basis provided the parent completes the appropriate form and the medication comes to school in the original packaging. These forms are available in the health room.
Students will be allowed to carry inhalers with them provided the appropriate forms have been signed by parent and doctor. Any medication brought to school by a student must be taken to the health room before the start of the school day. Students will not be allowed to keep medications with them on campus.


Student Possessions

Students should not bring personal items to school unless instructed to do so by their teachers. Toys can create safety problems or disrupt the learning environment.  There is also a risk of items being lost, damaged, or stolen.  If brought to school, these items will be kept in the office until a parent or guardian comes to pick them up. We will not take instructional time to deal with the loss or damage of such items, and will not be held responsible for replacement of lost, damaged, or stolen items.


Please note that toy weapons will be treated as look-a-likes and may result in a police report being filed.