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A meal ticket, which allows a student to pay for many meals at one time, may be purchased through our cafeteria staff. Please keep track of your child’s meal ticket balance. A student is permitted to “charge” lunch if one is forgotten, but it is recommend lunch money be taken care of in advance. Letters will be sent home if your child’s account is overdrawn.

For your child to become eligible for reduced or free lunch, a form must be filled out (see electronic form below). Snacks or treats, such as pickles or popcorn may be sold once a semester. These items will not compete with the sale of school lunches. Please discuss the need for extra spending money with your child if you wish him/her to participate in these sales. Children are responsible for their own spending money. PLEASE NOTE: No charges will be issued during the month of May.  Online service is available at

Contact APS Food and Nutrition Services for help