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Mission Statement

The mission of the Ventana Ranch Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide a proactive, comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program that maximizes every students academic and career foals while supporting their personal/social and emotional needs. This is accomplished in partnership with teachers, administrators and parents to enable all students to become successful, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Counseling Services

School counselors are professional school advocates. We are part of the team who works to provide all students with life success skills and to ensure equal opportunities for all students to participate fully in the educational process and as successful members of society. Our program addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students at Ventana Ranch Elementary.

Individual/Responsive Counseling

Topics include: friendship issues, coping skills, decision-making skills, and family life issues. "School counselors do not provide therapy." (1-3 sessions Maximum)

Small Group Counseling (usually 5-6 Meetings)

Based on need and availability. Topics include: Divorce/Family Changes, Friendship/Social Skills, Coping Skills (anger management & problem solving skills), Grief & Study Skills.

Classroom Guidance Lessons

I facilitate grade-appropriate lessons in every class (K-5) on problem-solving skills, anti-bullying strategies, friendship skills, preparing for middle school, internet safety and other applicable topics in the following categories: Academic Development, Personal/Social Development & Career Development.

Confidentiality & Informed Consent

Confidentiality is always maintained in both group and individual counseling sessions. There may be circumstances when it is necessary to release confidential information regarding a student. State law requires that any suspicion or evidence of child abuse/neglect, elder abuse, or knowledge of a minor engaging in dangerous or illegal behavior be reported to the appropriate child protection agencies and/or legal authorities.

Furthermore, if a student poses a serious danger to him/herself or is a substantial danger to others, any individual (including school personnel) with knowledge, evidence, or suspicion of said danger, is required by law to intervene. The intervention may include informing family members, identified victims, and/or the proper authorities to provide for the safety of the student and others.

School Counselor

Rebecca Chinchilla, Counselor
(505) 890-7375 ext. 42641

Visit Ms. Rebecca's website